The Judge Within

Notice, and you will often find there is a judge in you who judges you and more often than not, pronounces you guilty. Guilty for wasting time, watching movie, spending time with family, taking a vacation etc.

Go and have a conversation with this judge. Ask it if it is ready to play the role of a guide, a friendly guide who you can have a 2-way conversation with.

Despite this you will find that the judge will often show up instead of the guide showing up. Old habits die hard, you see.

Use this as a trigger. Remind it that it had agreed to play the role of a guide. And when it understands, ask it to tell you what does it propose. Have a 2-way conversation with it.

As time passes, your internal conversations will become more healthy and both of you will start generating ideas which can make your life better.

Judge depletes your energy level and does no good to you at all.

Try this and let me know how you find it.

Who You Truly Are!

It’s you ignoring ‘Who You Really Are’ that is the mother of all the challenges – internal conflicts, lack of follow-ups, bad business decisions, financial issues, relationship challenges etc.

Once you get into the mindset of trying to understand Who You Are all these challenges start melting away and you not only succeed but also find purpose, meaning and fulfilment in your life. You become a force to reckon with.

Not Success but Joy

What do you think? Do you think this will make us not get, not desire to live a rich life or do you think we can still do that or something else as long as it connects with who we are.

Some changes in normal conversations that we may see. (You can add more

I want to be more successful -> I want to be more joyful
Success is really important for me -> Being in a state of joy is really important for me
Who is the most successful person in our family/community/country -> Who is the most joyful person in our family/community/country


The Greatest Challenge

The challenge is not to be great at a skill, the challenge is to be great at a certain skill and still become or blossom into a person that we were meant to be.

This is the unavoidable and constant pinch that stops us from experiencing fulfillment and also becoming great at our skills.

The magic formula, therefore, that separates greats from those who also ran is this magical alignment of goals and purpose.

Why opinions & how to stay curious?

People will rather have opinions than stay curious.

So, should people not have opinions. I think they should and they should fight for their opinions very assertively. But this should be a ‘sincere fight’.

What is a ‘sincere fight’?

This is a fight where you are fighting strongly i.e. assertively but you are seeking the truth and with positive intention of larger good than making it personal ego fight or a manipulative fight to deceive people and win.

This is a fight where you are ready to embrace loss when new facts that defeat/shatter your presently held views present themselves.

You see this fight as an opportunity to learn and grow so that tomorrow you can take the new thoughts/ideas/facts in similar discussion and win those discussions.

Can you always do this?

My guess is NO.

But when you do fight for personal gain or personal ego; you should not lie at least to yourself and just tell yourself that I acknowledge that this is an ego fight and I will have to reduce such events where I display such behavior.

Why should people be ready to lose?

Because that loss is an outcome of lack of knowledge and what better than accepting what is. But when you accept; you change and by that I mean you grow. And this growth is purely inside-out. It is a real growth and not a pretense. One of the signs that this is real growth is the ‘pain’. Real growth is much more painful in the short run that pretense.

Why should you lose, because each time you will lose you will learn new things that will make you stronger for the next similar situation. One step at a time.

What do you think?