How To Build Rapport & Trust With Your Client?

This works from below the level of your awareness but this is what decides how others perceive you in any relationship with people you coach or talk to.

We talk least about it when we train people on how to build rapport, how to persuade, influence or how to build trust in short-term or long-term relationship but it’s really good to know.

So, next time when you go for a coaching conversation or you are speaking to an audience just ask your and check how sincere are you about this conversation and you will slowly get your conversations and your relationships to a whole new level.

If You Need Constant Motivation Read This

I believe that what separates the also-rans from the uber-successful people is that the also-rans need external motivation but for uber-successful people their goal is their biggest motivation and they do not need anything else to motivate them.

Another way of looking at it, and I think we should really pay attention to this, is make your biggest motivation as your goal.

So, when you set your next goal, look at what really keeps you up and take that and make it your life goal or your next big mission and you will never need any other motivation.

Whose Success Are You After?

If you don’t sit down and define success then whose goals are you following, whose dreams are you chasing; certainly not yours.

And success cannot be defined in one sitting. You have to sit frequently and relook and redefine your definition of success. It constantly gets fine-tuned so much that you will be surprised.

But don’t be, our mind has layers and we seldom connect with the deeper layers. Constant sittings will take you closer to your success but probably never there. Otherwise what’s the fun of living.

You are dealing with a brain with over 100 billion neural cells. It’s a complex machine and you can’t be careless about learning. You have to work to get the results that will make you happy.

But it’s about you so who else will work.

Go ahead!

Enjoy meetings with your success and connect deeper with it in every meeting.

Best wishes 🙂

5 Books That Can Transform Your Life

Think and Grow Rich

A very old book the idea of which was born in the mind of legendary and super rich businessman Andrew Carnegie. So, Andrew Carnegie wanted to share the formula of success with the world. He hired Napoleon Hill and proposed to him that he will get him the opportunity to interview the richest and the most successful people in the world but at the end of it he wanted Napoleon Hill to come up with a formula of success. Napoleon Hill finally came up with this masterpiece which is responsible for creating innumerable millionaires. It’s an old book but if you are a fan of personal development you will not be able to let go of this once you start it. What I personally like about this book is that it appeals to both the left brain and the right brain i.e. the logical side as well as the creative side of our brain. Extremely powerful book. If you haven’t read it yet. You should postpone reading the rest of the post and buy it first instead.

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

Another great masterpiece written by Clement Stone who was another uber-successful businessman of the same time as Andrew Carnegie. This book like Think and Grow Rich is inspirational and very powerful. Filled with stories of how real life people achieved massive success and overcame humongous challenges using the techniques mentioned in the book. Like almost all the books I have mentioned here, you can keep going back to this book again and again and still keep learning something new every time. So a must keep for your personal library.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Another book of success formulae, this book was written in 80s and remained number 1 for about 25 years. Dr. Stephen Covey has captured all the success habits of super successful people in the 7 Habits. Like Think and Grow Rich, this book was also written after interviewing the most successful people of the time. It is one of the most comprehensive books with great details that will not only impress you but also answer any questions that may arise in your minds about how to follow the suggestions in the book. To me it appeared as if this book is an amalgamation of Eastern and Western style of thinking.

Awaken the Giant Within

Written by the living legend Tony (Anthony) Robbins, the ‘why’ guy; this book is all about strategies. The writing style is a mix of solid science and yet easy to read and get motivated to continue. Most importantly, this book, like other books that I have mentioned above is written by a man who has been there and done it. Tony Robbins credited with producing massive and quick changes in the lives of people from businessmen to those facing massive psychological challenges, has put some of the most powerful strategies that he uses to produce the quick and powerful transformation in the lives of his clients. Credited with working with Olympic athletes, Navy Seals as well as Presidents of nations, Tony Robbins strategies can help you produce magic. This book should be lying in table next to your bed so that you can read it whenever you have doubts.

Tools of Titans

The newest of all the books that I will recommend to you. It is a powerhouse of strategies to massively transform any area of your life. Again this book like Awaken the Giant Within is a book of strategies. Written by Tim Ferris, this book has the details of Tim’s interactions with the best of the best of the world today. Basically, he has shared the uniquely powerful ideas and tricks and tactics that work for all these uber-achievers. To be honest, I am still reading this but I am sure I don’t have to wait to finish it to recommend it to you. By far one of the most powerful book in today’s world that can help you transform all areas of your life. All you have to do is read and follow the instructions.

That’s all folks. If you have any other suggestions, please leave in comments below. Do let me know what you felt after reading one or more of these books.

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What Brings Misery To Our Lives & Questions To Help Us Transcend It

It may sound simple but it is not easy; it may be difficult but it is not complicated.

But at the same time, they always work.

So, a few questions that I am trying to address here.

What is the cause of misery in our lives?

Is there something that we can do to transcend this misery instantly?

Can some questions help us transcend the misery and push us towards leading a whole and fulfilling life?

Watch this video

Thought Provoking Coaching Questions – Drive

Think… ponder… and answer it for yourself.

If you are comfortable you can share your responses and thoughts in comments section for the benefit of others.

Sometimes in our rush of daily lives we forget the very engine that drives us and gives quality to our lives and everything that we do in our lives. Therefore, it is important that we regularly take a few steps back and re-look at our lives, shift our actions and question our beliefs so that it all aligns together to weave a magic we want our life to become.

Here is a list of 3 questions that can help you do that:

  1. What drives you to work presently?
  2. How does it make you feel?
  3. What would you like to be your drive instead so that you get a level of satisfaction, fulfillment and achievement that will make you ecstatic?

Hoping to see a few responses here.

Have a good time and do let me know if you have any suggestions eg. a few more questions or different questions.

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How To Become Attractive?

This is a live video that I did some time back. In this video I go really deep in the subject to keep things more real and useful for everybody who may need it.

I believe this is very useful for teenagers and people who have issues of self-esteem and/or issues related to complexes that arise as a result of how people perceive them in society based on how they look.

The content in the video can also be used for enhancing the self-esteem for other people well into the later years of their life.

To anyone who watches this, my request is – please forward it to those who may need this.

*Using a headphone or earphone to listen will be better because of the voice quality

The Unfinished Masterpieces

As I work with more and more people in my life, my philosophy about why individual uniqueness is not only important but is the most critical thing to be preserved becomes more and more solid with each passing day.

This becomes even more important as you work as a coach or play any other role where you are nudging or pushing people to grow and evolve into a better and more powerful versions of themselves.

You break the person, the moment you try to make the person into something that you have bought from your own experiences.

You break the person the moment you try to make the person into something that you believe is right.

Unfortunately, individual uniqueness is something that neither parents nor teachers nor leaders naturally tend to understand and as a result in their attempts to build people they break them.

The only way to learn and grow is – inside-out.

And the only way you can do this is by first exploring what is within. Once you get enough clarity on that every individuals own path to their destiny starts showing up in their unique ways which will work for them.

This part of the work, understanding the uniqueness, can become useful only when it is done with non-judgemental attitude. It doesn’t matter whether you are working on yourself or you are working with someone else; the exploration part of what is within has to be non-judgemental.

The other bit that becomes very difficult for people to do is what I call as playing the role of a witness. So you are only watching the events and you are not participating. This helps you to not giving them your solutions and respecting the person for who they are and helping them find their path.

If you are looking to go to the next level in your life, climb the next peak that entices you then the challenges and opportunities both lie within you. You have to dig deeper and have a look at what is in there that can push you all the way to the top.

Go within and don’t doubt

Believe that you are an unfinished masterpiece because you are.