How To Make Presentations & Public Speeches That Stick To People’s Memories?

When you sit through a how-to-do-a-presentation/public speeches training or watch a video or listen to a podcast, I bet they will tell you everything else but this one element that you really need to add to your presentations/public speeches.

If you work on adding this element in your presentation/public speeches you will realize that over time you will automatically not only please your audiences but will really in solid way add value to them.

This is one of the things that people will naturally like you for because there cannot be any other better investment of their time other than this when they are listening to you.

So, watch this video and I am sure you will learn something that you will appreciate. Plus, it is not very daunting task to do what I advise in this video.

Be Rare, Be Valueable

FontCandy (4)In our world what is rare is almost always valuable. So, follow your uniqueness, express your uniqueness, make it your goal of life and you are already on the path of becoming rare.. becoming valuable.

And guess what, if you the one who has an unquenching thirst for meaning and fulfillment, you don’t have to pursue them any more – they will pursue you instead, surround you and your whole life experience here will be overwhelming feeling of fulfillment and an adventurous journey of meaning. Adventurous, yes I said that.. and you are right if you are thinking – danger. But do I need to say – adventures have their risks that come along with it, isn’t it? Its a part of the package.

But remember, you will be a leader in true sense. What kind of leader is that person who has no courage to follow his own spark, the one who ignores the whispers of his own self? Shouldn’t we be scared of such a person? A person who is not himself and can be so pretentious that they can ignore their truth and live an entire life being somebody else.

But do remember, when you do become valuable – contribute, give it back, pass the baton. It somehow makes you more than what you are? How? I have absolutely no idea!

Why don’t you try and experience it on your own.

Best of luck

Happy journey!!!

Your Journey, Your Growth


Sometimes when you lose yourself in a journey; you find a new you – a ‘you’ who has a new heart-song; a ‘you’ whose spirit has taken leaps to a new plane of existence ~ Harsh Bhushan

When you go to a different place, you meet a different you and when you come back – it comes with you; it becomes a part of you.

So many of us are obsessed with “our place” and make it our identity but that limits our definition. Expand your definition. Be more than what you are and continue to expand your sense of who you are.

Before we go, we should travel far because farther you travel the ‘more’ you become and if there is one thing that we must commit to; it is continuous and never-ending growth. In a nut-shell, isn’t that the purpose of our lives?

But remember never to leave the the company of two of your most important guides – conscience and character. Because without them long travel can be dangerous – you may lose yourself.

Take care but do travel.

Happy journey!!!