How to Help Clients Overcome Internal Conflicts

Internal Conflicts: We all have parts within us which go in different directions. The resulting challenge is that we as one unit do not move an inch. We stay where we are and stay in a constant pain of wanting to go but not sure where and how to make that movement.

Here in this video I am discussing how in my work as coach we can:

1. That there are conflicting parts

2. Ensure that they find out a way to work together

3. Do this change in one conversation and

4. Ensure that this change lasts forever

How To Use Problems To Boost Self-Growth?

  1. Pick a problem. (Any kind of problem – business related, personal etc.)
  2. Ask – how is this problem serving me? (Write as many points as you can think of and then pick 1 or 2 that connects with you)
  3. How can this problem serve me?
  4. Most importantly, what is this problem telling me about me?

This is an exercise in ownership and till you don’t own it, you can’t help yourself. Sometimes it may not make sense but one thing is certain every time these questions can help you find those tiny or big areas where you can make some improvements.

If you can swallow this bitter pill and become single-minded about making those changes in the areas identified then you will make this life a long and fulfilling journey. But if you can’t then one day you will find yourself complaining about everything in life.

The journey of personal development starts only and only with ‘Ownership’, every other step is a false start.

The Secret To Creating Transformational & Long-lasting Shifts In Your Clients

When you are working with your clients in coaching sessions you have your task cut out. The priorities are pretty clear and they are:

1. Help the client see their inner world with a fresh perspective and more clarity?

2. How can I create a quick change because your client is paying you for the time that you spend with them?

3. How can I create a long-lasting change so that my client will not need any support on this issue again and can become self-reliant in handling situations?

Thought Provoking Coaching Questions – Drive

Think… ponder… and answer it for yourself.

If you are comfortable you can share your responses and thoughts in comments section for the benefit of others.

Sometimes in our rush of daily lives we forget the very engine that drives us and gives quality to our lives and everything that we do in our lives. Therefore, it is important that we regularly take a few steps back and re-look at our lives, shift our actions and question our beliefs so that it all aligns together to weave a magic we want our life to become.

Here is a list of 3 questions that can help you do that:

  1. What drives you to work presently?
  2. How does it make you feel?
  3. What would you like to be your drive instead so that you get a level of satisfaction, fulfillment and achievement that will make you ecstatic?

Hoping to see a few responses here.

Have a good time and do let me know if you have any suggestions eg. a few more questions or different questions.

The Unfinished Masterpieces

As I work with more and more people in my life, my philosophy about why individual uniqueness is not only important but is the most critical thing to be preserved becomes more and more solid with each passing day.

This becomes even more important as you work as a coach or play any other role where you are nudging or pushing people to grow and evolve into a better and more powerful versions of themselves.

You break the person, the moment you try to make the person into something that you have bought from your own experiences.

You break the person the moment you try to make the person into something that you believe is right.

Unfortunately, individual uniqueness is something that neither parents nor teachers nor leaders naturally tend to understand and as a result in their attempts to build people they break them.

The only way to learn and grow is – inside-out.

And the only way you can do this is by first exploring what is within. Once you get enough clarity on that every individuals own path to their destiny starts showing up in their unique ways which will work for them.

This part of the work, understanding the uniqueness, can become useful only when it is done with non-judgemental attitude. It doesn’t matter whether you are working on yourself or you are working with someone else; the exploration part of what is within has to be non-judgemental.

The other bit that becomes very difficult for people to do is what I call as playing the role of a witness. So you are only watching the events and you are not participating. This helps you to not giving them your solutions and respecting the person for who they are and helping them find their path.

If you are looking to go to the next level in your life, climb the next peak that entices you then the challenges and opportunities both lie within you. You have to dig deeper and have a look at what is in there that can push you all the way to the top.

Go within and don’t doubt

Believe that you are an unfinished masterpiece because you are.