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Say no and still not offend people.
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Build great relationships by showing your sincerity… even in your Nos.

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My Online Course Is Live On Udemy

Happy to announce that my first online course is live on #Udemy. So, go check it out, share your love & motivation. There is always going to be room for learning and growing. I aspire to bring to you more such courses and share what I have learnt in my journey.

Learn ‘How to Say No’ and Win (Believe me it is so much more than just saying No)

1. Disagreeing with people without creating conflict
2. Being and being seen as assertive
3. How to create an opportunity of negotiation
4. How to have difficult conversations

How To Make Presentations & Public Speeches That Stick To People’s Memories?

When you sit through a how-to-do-a-presentation/public speeches training or watch a video or listen to a podcast, I bet they will tell you everything else but this one element that you really need to add to your presentations/public speeches.

If you work on adding this element in your presentation/public speeches you will realize that over time you will automatically not only please your audiences but will really in solid way add value to them.

This is one of the things that people will naturally like you for because there cannot be any other better investment of their time other than this when they are listening to you.

So, watch this video and I am sure you will learn something that you will appreciate. Plus, it is not very daunting task to do what I advise in this video.

Try This Super Powerful Listening Tool To Transform Highly Emotional Conversation

I would call it an advanced listening skills technique as I see very few people understand the importance of this and, more importantly, hardly few use it consciously. Also, this is super powerful if used in the right way at the right time.

It becomes doubly important for you to know and use it if you are a coach, trainer, someone in the role of grievance handling or a leader at any level.

If you have dealing with people and have been working for a while you ought to know this otherwise you will lose the opportunities of connecting with people at deeper layer and hence fail to form real bonds with people in some critical conversations.

Listen and let me know how did you like it and also do try it.

Listening & Why Is It A Challenge?

If you know ‘why’ listening is important then you will understand how much is it important.

Many people do not see listening as anything worth learning. But most who do, do not sell the idea of listening well to themselves.

Listening is not difficult to learn because it’s a complex process to follow; it’s difficult to do because you don’t know why it is important and hence following through on commitment becomes a challenge.

If you carefully do a cost vs. benefit analysis of it; you can never stop practicing it.

Listening, therefore, is not as much a skill challenge as far as my understanding goes; it is a discipline which is difficult to do every time you are doing it.

Think of it as going to gym and doing push ups or chin ups; you can do it consistently only when you have sold to yourself the long-term benefits of it because in the short-term it only looks like an investment with no quick returns.

When you listen you create a culture of listening around you.

When you listen you earn listening.

When you listen with sincerity you learn almost every time.