How to Help Clients Overcome Internal Conflicts

Internal Conflicts: We all have parts within us which go in different directions. The resulting challenge is that we as one unit do not move an inch. We stay where we are and stay in a constant pain of wanting to go but not sure where and how to make that movement.

Here in this video I am discussing how in my work as coach we can:

1. That there are conflicting parts

2. Ensure that they find out a way to work together

3. Do this change in one conversation and

4. Ensure that this change lasts forever

Reality Filter – How to Transform Your Life in 2-3 Months?

Why should you watch this?

  1. It will help you avoid one of the most dangerous enemies of your success – self-sabotage.
  2. It will help you create money and resources when you do not have any.
  3. It is hard work for some time and then you can put yourself on an auto pilot mode of success

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Mental State -> Success

Every success is mapped to a spending most of the time in a certain mental state. In fact, the outer reality that we find ourselves in is always directly connected to the mental states we spend our time and energy in. Out of the different mental states that we experience in our lives, the one’s which we spend most of time and energy in builds our outer reality.

Here is my simple to use formula of success:

1. Find that mental state that led to the greatest successes in your life/or the highest mental state you can experience.

2. Strive and train your mental muscles to get and stay at that mental state as long as possible

3. Success is bound to follow.

Keep some time daily for this exercise and in a few months when you will notice that the mental state that you practice during these practice hours spills into and shows up in your normal day-to-day life deciding your reactions, responses, decisions, emotions that you experience and into the results you create.

Try and let me know how it goes.

Try This Super Powerful Listening Tool To Transform Highly Emotional Conversation

I would call it an advanced listening skills technique as I see very few people understand the importance of this and, more importantly, hardly few use it consciously. Also, this is super powerful if used in the right way at the right time.

It becomes doubly important for you to know and use it if you are a coach, trainer, someone in the role of grievance handling or a leader at any level.

If you have dealing with people and have been working for a while you ought to know this otherwise you will lose the opportunities of connecting with people at deeper layer and hence fail to form real bonds with people in some critical conversations.

Listen and let me know how did you like it and also do try it.

How To Get Rid Of Self-Sabotage Using 1 Question?

2 + 1 Benefits of watching this video

  1. More understanding of ‘why’ you operate the way you operate in this world
  2. With passage of time, you will discover ‘how’ can you operate better for success and fulfillment in this world
  3. As you practice asking this question more and more you will find and inside-out way of operating in this world which will mean that the new behaviors that you will discover will stay with you for longer and you will find it easier to follow-through on your plans, goals and commitments.

How To Use Problems To Boost Self-Growth?

  1. Pick a problem. (Any kind of problem – business related, personal etc.)
  2. Ask – how is this problem serving me? (Write as many points as you can think of and then pick 1 or 2 that connects with you)
  3. How can this problem serve me?
  4. Most importantly, what is this problem telling me about me?

This is an exercise in ownership and till you don’t own it, you can’t help yourself. Sometimes it may not make sense but one thing is certain every time these questions can help you find those tiny or big areas where you can make some improvements.

If you can swallow this bitter pill and become single-minded about making those changes in the areas identified then you will make this life a long and fulfilling journey. But if you can’t then one day you will find yourself complaining about everything in life.

The journey of personal development starts only and only with ‘Ownership’, every other step is a false start.

What Brings Misery To Our Lives & Questions To Help Us Transcend It

It may sound simple but it is not easy; it may be difficult but it is not complicated.

But at the same time, they always work.

So, a few questions that I am trying to address here.

What is the cause of misery in our lives?

Is there something that we can do to transcend this misery instantly?

Can some questions help us transcend the misery and push us towards leading a whole and fulfilling life?

Watch this video

Thought Provoking Coaching Questions – Drive

Think… ponder… and answer it for yourself.

If you are comfortable you can share your responses and thoughts in comments section for the benefit of others.

Sometimes in our rush of daily lives we forget the very engine that drives us and gives quality to our lives and everything that we do in our lives. Therefore, it is important that we regularly take a few steps back and re-look at our lives, shift our actions and question our beliefs so that it all aligns together to weave a magic we want our life to become.

Here is a list of 3 questions that can help you do that:

  1. What drives you to work presently?
  2. How does it make you feel?
  3. What would you like to be your drive instead so that you get a level of satisfaction, fulfillment and achievement that will make you ecstatic?

Hoping to see a few responses here.

Have a good time and do let me know if you have any suggestions eg. a few more questions or different questions.