Reality Filter – How to Transform Your Life in 2-3 Months?

Why should you watch this?

  1. It will help you avoid one of the most dangerous enemies of your success – self-sabotage.
  2. It will help you create money and resources when you do not have any.
  3. It is hard work for some time and then you can put yourself on an auto pilot mode of success

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Mental State -> Success

Every success is mapped to a spending most of the time in a certain mental state. In fact, the outer reality that we find ourselves in is always directly connected to the mental states we spend our time and energy in. Out of the different mental states that we experience in our lives, the one’s which we spend most of time and energy in builds our outer reality.

Here is my simple to use formula of success:

1. Find that mental state that led to the greatest successes in your life/or the highest mental state you can experience.

2. Strive and train your mental muscles to get and stay at that mental state as long as possible

3. Success is bound to follow.

Keep some time daily for this exercise and in a few months when you will notice that the mental state that you practice during these practice hours spills into and shows up in your normal day-to-day life deciding your reactions, responses, decisions, emotions that you experience and into the results you create.

Try and let me know how it goes.

Try This Super Powerful Listening Tool To Transform Highly Emotional Conversation

I would call it an advanced listening skills technique as I see very few people understand the importance of this and, more importantly, hardly few use it consciously. Also, this is super powerful if used in the right way at the right time.

It becomes doubly important for you to know and use it if you are a coach, trainer, someone in the role of grievance handling or a leader at any level.

If you have dealing with people and have been working for a while you ought to know this otherwise you will lose the opportunities of connecting with people at deeper layer and hence fail to form real bonds with people in some critical conversations.

Listen and let me know how did you like it and also do try it.

How To Get Rid Of Self-Sabotage Using 1 Question?

2 + 1 Benefits of watching this video

  1. More understanding of ‘why’ you operate the way you operate in this world
  2. With passage of time, you will discover ‘how’ can you operate better for success and fulfillment in this world
  3. As you practice asking this question more and more you will find and inside-out way of operating in this world which will mean that the new behaviors that you will discover will stay with you for longer and you will find it easier to follow-through on your plans, goals and commitments.

What Brings Misery To Our Lives & Questions To Help Us Transcend It

It may sound simple but it is not easy; it may be difficult but it is not complicated.

But at the same time, they always work.

So, a few questions that I am trying to address here.

What is the cause of misery in our lives?

Is there something that we can do to transcend this misery instantly?

Can some questions help us transcend the misery and push us towards leading a whole and fulfilling life?

Watch this video

Change Your Past

When I came across this idea, it was a mix of disbelief and excitement. Who doesn’t have things that they would love to go back to and change or make better.

But we all know that time travel isn’t a possibility, at least as of now.

So, what is going back and changing your past.

Well, to begin with there is no going back. There is only changing your past.

In fact, there is no changing actually or no changing anything on the outside. All you do is you change something inside and the story about your past starts serving you and serving your future instead of draining you.

So, let’s see in steps how do you do it:

  1. A. You acknowledge the story – We all have been, for a long time, telling ourselves stories, stories about our life, how good or bad it was, why it turned out the way it did etc. These stories on the outside show up to us in the form or our general energy level or feeling. Acknowledging is important because these stories slip into our subconscious mind. And it starts controlling our lives from there. We need to know the confidence or lack of it, positivity or lack of it, motivation or lack of it that we feel in our lives are a result of the stories that we keep telling ourselves. Some of us tell the same sob story every time. More importantly, we create many triggers that all lead us to telling ourselves the same old sad story. So, acknowledge that you are doing it. In other words, make your unconscious conscious. This will take time. You will have to catch the story when it is live. And after a bit of failures and successes you will get a hold of it.
  2. Q. Question The Meaning you have given to an experience – So, this is what we do with our experiences. This is a very human thing. We create meaning out of our experiences. And these meanings that we create are all imaginary. For example – let’s say someone’s first marriage failed and has let that failure define their life. So, let’s go back and check things out again. When the marriage would have failed mind was in a look-out mode to attach a meaning to this life experience. More importantly, it was the mind of a sad person with overall less excitement about life. Some of the meanings that were available in thin air ready to be caught and anchored to this life experience for eternity could be – i) I am not made for marriages, ii) Something is wrong with me, iii) Marriages don’t work, iv) This was the distance we were meant to travel together, next phase is with someone else. Now, you would notice there is no way anyone can tell which one is the ‘right’ meaning. But you will also notice that only the last one is the one that can serve the future. However, mostly people in a bad phase of their life will chose a meaning which validates their victimhood.
  3. C. Change your meaning and change your past – I will assume that you are looking at changing the past only when you are not happy with it. If it has served you well, there is no need to change it. So, go back to your experience, the one you are not happy about, and check what other meaning could be associated with it to make it serve your life and serve your future. Take some time in selling this new meaning to you. (If you do want to know how to sell this meaning to you – get in touch). Once you are able to change the meaning – you have transformed a part of your life and depending on how much it was weighing you down; you will see equal or more upward surge in your life.

Go ahead try this and do write how did it go.

Why Self-Sabotage? Answers Harsh Bhushan, Executive Coach, Purpose Initiative

My conversation with the amazing Sandeep Nath – Founder RENEWALism, Inspirational Author, Professional Speaker & Renewal Coach

Why self-sabotage hits senior executives and leads to career and executive stress… Harsh Bhushan examines with Sandeep Nath on 3 Questions in this video interview. Harsh, the Executive Coach who set up the Purpose Initiative, also speaks at length about purpose. Comment with your 3 questions that we can add to a forthcoming interview. Here are the 3 questions we cover in this video:

00:00​ Fundamental questions about self-sabotage why top executive stress and denial

01:05​ Why do senior executives self-sabotage and throw themselves out of their growth trajectory?

05:55​ What advice would you give to people working in the corporate environment to look at stress?

10:50​ What is purpose and how do people get it to work for them?

16:05​ Important message for you!

Listening & Why Is It A Challenge?

If you know ‘why’ listening is important then you will understand how much is it important.

Many people do not see listening as anything worth learning. But most who do, do not sell the idea of listening well to themselves.

Listening is not difficult to learn because it’s a complex process to follow; it’s difficult to do because you don’t know why it is important and hence following through on commitment becomes a challenge.

If you carefully do a cost vs. benefit analysis of it; you can never stop practicing it.

Listening, therefore, is not as much a skill challenge as far as my understanding goes; it is a discipline which is difficult to do every time you are doing it.

Think of it as going to gym and doing push ups or chin ups; you can do it consistently only when you have sold to yourself the long-term benefits of it because in the short-term it only looks like an investment with no quick returns.

When you listen you create a culture of listening around you.

When you listen you earn listening.

When you listen with sincerity you learn almost every time.