Mental State -> Success

Every success is mapped to a spending most of the time in a certain mental state. In fact, the outer reality that we find ourselves in is always directly connected to the mental states we spend our time and energy in. Out of the different mental states that we experience in our lives, the one’s which we spend most of time and energy in builds our outer reality.

Here is my simple to use formula of success:

1. Find that mental state that led to the greatest successes in your life/or the highest mental state you can experience.

2. Strive and train your mental muscles to get and stay at that mental state as long as possible

3. Success is bound to follow.

Keep some time daily for this exercise and in a few months when you will notice that the mental state that you practice during these practice hours spills into and shows up in your normal day-to-day life deciding your reactions, responses, decisions, emotions that you experience and into the results you create.

Try and let me know how it goes.

Whose Success Are You After?

If you don’t sit down and define success then whose goals are you following, whose dreams are you chasing; certainly not yours.

And success cannot be defined in one sitting. You have to sit frequently and relook and redefine your definition of success. It constantly gets fine-tuned so much that you will be surprised.

But don’t be, our mind has layers and we seldom connect with the deeper layers. Constant sittings will take you closer to your success but probably never there. Otherwise what’s the fun of living.

You are dealing with a brain with over 100 billion neural cells. It’s a complex machine and you can’t be careless about learning. You have to work to get the results that will make you happy.

But it’s about you so who else will work.

Go ahead!

Enjoy meetings with your success and connect deeper with it in every meeting.

Best wishes 🙂

The Magic of Absolute Commitment

Look at any of your relationships – with people or with your work and see where you are experiencing misery.

On deeper analysis, you will notice that if you are experiencing misery in any of these relationships, you will also always find lack of commitment (less than 100%), hiding somewhere, in yourself towards that relationship.

So, misery and lack of commitment always go together.

It is fair to say that experiencing misery is a consequence of lack of commitment.

You either completely dissociate or bring absolute commitment to the relationship else all the parties involved will suffer.

What happens if there is absolute commitment? Will it guarantee eternal happiness and joy?

The guaranteed way to experience pain is to expect no pain.

No, you won’t but then you won’t even experience misery. And the reason you won’t experience misery is because your values are strongly anchored to the commitment. You know why you are in that relationship and you absolutely believe in it.

When you face a massive challenge deeply anchored to your core values; you massively grow.

Think of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. or Nelson Mandela. Did they not experience challenges in their pursuits? They definitely did and experienced it more than any one of us can imagine but did that fan the fire or put it off.

And you know the answer.

The purpose of pain is to help you grow.

But there is a method to it. Why does pain break some people?

Because they were not following what is really connected to their values.

And what happens when you are following something that you innately do not absolutely believe in?

The size of your commitment shrinks every time you experience pain.

And always remember, it is not you who fights the demons that you encounter in your life.

It is your commitments that do that for you.

The idea is not to avoid pain; the idea is to avoid suffering.

You grow to the size of your commitments.